5 Things to Remember When Staging Your Home For Sale in Winter

May 28, 2020 |
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Winter is coming, and as we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks, so are the buyers. Instead of waiting for spring, why not think about selling now? There are just a few additional factors to remember when selling in winter, especially when it comes to styling your home. Here’s 5 important things to consider when you are staging your home for sale in the cold season:

Let there be light
The cold of winter can mean you’ll be in store for some overcast days. Take a close look at all your internal lights and make sure they’re working before open day. Don’t forget to clean all your lamps, lights and fixtures.

Natural light can be maximised by keeping your curtains and blinds open (but keep the actual windows closed if it’s cold!)

Choose your fragrance wisely
As we keep ourselves contained in our homes during winter, the smell of each room is something we need to be mindful of. Ensure your rooms smell clean and fresh and opt for fragrances that are warm and welcoming. Buy a diffuser or have assorted scented candles in some of your rooms with cinnamon, vanilla or oak flavours to name a few. Just remember not to be too heavy-handed with the scents as not everyone enjoys the same palette.

Keep calm and stay warm
The house should be warm during winter – this is a no-brainer! Ensure your heating systems are fully operational, and the more energy efficient your heating systems are, the better! If you are in the market to buy additional appliances, don’t forget to check their energy star rating.

If you have a fireplace, there’s nothing more enticing than seeing it burning bright in a home on a cold day. Make sure it’s on!

Enjoy (and accommodate) life’s rainy days
With the cooler climate, we’re prone to more wet weather and condensation. You don’t want your buyers to feel drab because of the weather when they see your home. Take some time to clear your driveways if they are muddy and pop a tall, cylindrical container outside your door for guests to place their umbrellas in. Also remember to keep a mat or a shoe rack outside for guests to place their dirty shoes on.

Come in and cosy up
Winter homes should be cosy and homely, even when they’re styled for sale. Have some neatly folded throws and blankets on your couches, and decorate with some cushions. Faux fur is a great material to have for pillow covers and carpets.
You may also want to replace your regular towels and quilts for something more plush and luxurious.

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