Why Should I Hold An Open Inspection?

July 22, 2016 |
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So, you’ve decided to list your property for sale and you’re keen to find a buyer sooner rather than later. Let’s face it, selling a property can be a drawn-out process, especially if you don’t have an experienced real estate agent working on your behalf.

This is why so many people these days are arranging open inspections, and when you look at the advantages, it’s easy to see why. It’s an opportunity for buyers to take a look round your home and decide whether they’d like to find out more.

You can choose a time that suits you and go from there. 

Speed up the buying process

Achieving residential sales quickly may seem easier than it actually is. Without the benefit of open inspections, you could find yourself showing countless people around your home, slowing down the sales process in the meantime.

One advantage if you’re selling in Sydney is that properties typically don’t stick around the market for long. CoreLogic RP Data figures show that in Acacia Gardens, Blacktown, homes once spent as little as 16 days on the market, increasing to 17 in Kareela.

An open inspection is one way of getting your home seen by large numbers of people over a relatively short space of time, potentially increasing your chances of a quick sale.

Don’t wait in

With an open inspection, you can speak to your agent and choose a time for viewings that suits you. Evenings are a popular time slot, as are weekends, reducing the likelihood of people being unable to attend because of work commitments.

We might not realise it, but we often make judgements about a property within the first few seconds of walking through the door. An open inspection is your chance to make sure it’s seen in all its glory – because you’ll know when it’s taking place, you’ll have time to declutter and give the right impression.

A property inspection could help seal the deal.

Help control people’s perceptions

While you can’t physically show people around during an open inspection, this doesn’t mean you can’t have an impact on their purchasing decision.

A range of property and real estate experts suggest that leaving particular items around your home can sway a buyer’s emotions. Whether this is a picture of a fabulous holiday or a book, this could make all the difference when people are deciding between two houses.

Of course, it might not hurt to position some flowers around your house or have some freshly baked goods in the oven for a welcoming aroma.

When it comes to selling real estate, being in the know is key, especially in today’s market. To learn more about the Laing+Simmons approach, talk to our expert team today.

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