Renovating Your Property Over Summer: Part 3 – The Exterior

December 22, 2017 |
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Over the last few articles here on the Laing+Simmons blog, we’ve covered a few different ways that property owners can get their Sydney properties ready to sell in the New Year.

One of the very best ways to do this is by completing a few renovations, which can not only help your house stand out on the market, but will also add value and attract a wider group of potential buyers.

In the previous two articles, we focused on kitchen and bathroom renovations, but now it’s time to move outside, and explore a few ways that property owners can add value by rethinking their gardens and outdoor living spaces.

In comparison to redoing a kitchen or bathroom, outdoor renovations are relatively cheap.

Why renovate outside?

Outdoor living is part of Australian life. After all, in a country blessed with such fantastic weather throughout most of the year, it makes sense to have a dedicated space for enjoying the sun. Not only will outdoor spaces make a property more appealing, they can also add quite a bit to a house’s overall value.

However, in comparison to redoing a kitchen or bathroom, outdoor renovations are relatively cheap – largely due to the fact they don’t require plumbing or electrical work. According to State Custodians, the average price of installing a patio is somewhere between $2000 and $8000, much less than half of what the average kitchen renovation costs in NSW. Despite being far less expensive, adding a patio to your property still increases value by creating additional living space. Meanwhile, if you’re on a tighter budget, renovations as simple as merely landscaping your garden can increase the value of your home by over 10 per cent.

Best of all, there are almost no rules when it comes to renovating outside. Unlike the bathroom, where there are certain boxes that need to be ticked, your garden and outdoor areas are a playground where you can have free reign to create a space that offers something completely different to any other Sydney properties on the market.

Refreshing your patio or deck is a great way to add value to a property.

2018 outdoor living trends

Reflecting the freedom that exterior renovations provide, the biggest trends in outdoor living are largely to do with creating a point of difference. Two examples that have become particularly popular over the last few years are outdoor spa pools and wood-fired pizza ovens. The appeal of these is easy to understand, as they both add to the lifestyle appeal of a property, and make potential buyers start to daydream about soaking in the spa after a long day at work, or preparing a rustic meal for friends and family.

“Treating an outdoor area as an extension of your living space is key.”

Another key trend to consider when renovating your outdoor space is how it will ‘flow’ with the rest of your property. As Keti Lytras, Design Manager at Globe West, explained to “Outdoor and indoor spaces are now blending, so treating the outdoor area as an extension of your living space is key.”

There are all sorts of different ways to achieve this flow. Some are relatively simple, including matching furniture and adding large, sliding doors to a patio or deck to allow for easy movement between inside and outside. Others are more complex, such as adding a conservatory or other specialised structure that combines aspects of indoor and outdoor living.

Regardless of which renovations you choose to complete, the key to achieving the best possible price when you do sell a property is to make sure the home is looking its very best. Once you’ve done that, get in touch with the team at Laing+Simmons to set the wheels in motion for a successful sale in 2018.

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