Renovating Your Property Over Summer: Part 1 – The Kitchen

December 18, 2017 |
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In our final Market Update of 2017 with Laing+Simmons Managing Director Leanne Pilkington, we talked about a few of the ways that Sydney homeowners looking to sell can make the most of summer to get a better price when the market heats up again in early 2018.

With a little bit of downtime over the Christmas holidays, there’s no better time to renovate your property and ensure it stands out from everything else on the market.

Summer is a particularly great time to renovate, with the holidays meaning not only a few weeks off for most Australians, but also plenty of warm weather. In this series of articles, we’re going to take a closer look at a few areas of the home where renovations can add value – starting with the undisputed heart of the home, the kitchen.

A better kitchen increases a property’s value.

Why renovate your kitchen?

There’s a good reason why kitchen renovations are some of the most popular forms of home improvement. Put simply, a better kitchen increases a property’s value, with Dan Mulcahy of Mulcahy’s Construction Group explaining to Domain that:

“Modular kitchens can be a cost effective and fast way to update the livability of a house or apartment. The cost for a basic custom kitchen installed with all plumbing, electrical and tiling can be as little as $10,000. This can add enormous appeal and value to a property, with the increase in value sometimes being as much as $50,000 to $60,000.”

When Dan refers to ‘modular’ kitchens, he’s pointing to the modern trend of using a selection of different units (or modules) that can be mixed and matched in any combination you desire. This gives you the flexibility to create custom fit-outs – even in small spaces – without having to spend large amounts of money on the renovation, providing a tailor-made look that is unique to your home.

Aside from looking fantastic, a brand new kitchen can increase the value of your property by minimising the amount of work that a new owner will have to do. Many buyers look at properties with an eye to what they’ll need to replace or renovate themselves. If you can show that there’s less work to be done to bring the house in line with the latest trends, you’ll appeal to a wider pool of buyers, who will be able to spend more knowing they won’t need to pay for a new kitchen.

A modular kitchen design allows for a custom fit-out, without the high costs.

2018 kitchen trends

Of course, before you can start renovating your kitchen, you’ll need to think about the top trends for 2018. Making sure that your new kitchen is up to date and at the cutting edge of cool is one of the easiest ways to stand out, so it definitely pays to do your research. We’ve written before on this blog about what practicalities buyers look for in a new kitchen, so now let’s take a look at the interior design side of the equation.

One of the biggest kitchen design trends for the next few years is set to be a more rustic look. That means you don’t need to worry too much about a completely modern kitchen, and can instead have a bit of fun with metal accents, tiled floors, wooden finishes and anything else that makes the room feel less like an office building and more like a home. There’s also room to get a bit quirky and exotic, with Interiorzine pointing to funky, underused colours like orange and red to add a splash of brightness. After all, the kitchen is a place for cooking and entertaining, so it’s time to move away from the all-white affairs of the last few decades and have a bit of fun!

Check back in for the next article in this series, where we’ll be looking at how to renovate your bathrooms. Until then, with any questions about Sydney property, contact the Laing+Simmons team.

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