How To Sell Your Home With The Presence Of Pets

August 24, 2016 |
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Our pets are more than companions – they’re family.

Through the good and bad times, your cat, dog or other kind of pet is by your side, reassuring you and providing a certain level of comfort.

Of course, the relationship is reciprocal. As we allow most pets throughout the home to come and go as they please, we have to constantly clean certain parts of the house. However, while this level of cleanliness might be acceptable for you and your family, it might be a different story in the event that you come to sell your home.

As soon as you open up to inspection, there could be all manner of people imagining themselves in the home – and not all will enjoy the sight, smell or presence of pets.

So, what should you consider when selling a house that is also home to pets? Read on to find out.

Remove the pet itself

It is important to remember that you don’t have to remove your prized British Blue kitten or rabbit for every inspection, but as the idea of an open home is to present the home in
pristine condition, it isn’t the worst idea in the world.

In some cases, your home might be sold after one viewing, meaning that your pet doesn’t have to stay at a friend’s place, kennel or cattery for longer than a couple of days. The former might be the best option, so you can still visit your pet during the selling process.

The other side of this argument is that pets can show a friendly, lively and warm home – attracting those with their own pet aspirations in the future.

Regardless of the size, number or type of pet, it is best to speak to a trusted real estate professional who can advise you the best course of action for your fluffy or scaly friend.

Prospective buyers may be allergic to cats.

Professional cleaning

Responsible pet owners usually do a great job in cleaning up after their pets. Whether it is disposing of animal droppings, picking up fur and fluff off the carpet and furniture, or removing food from the floor, this is vital for the health and safety of residents, as well as pets themselves.

For the process of selling your home, it might be handy to employ a professional cleaner. With industry gear and cleaning knowledge, these individuals can work their magic and remove anything that you may have missed or that smell that you’ve become accustomed to over time.

This is typically a general rule whether you have pets or not. A professional clean will present the house in the best condition for prospective buyers.

Pet damage

Have a dog that loves to dig up the backyard or cats that use the curtains as a scratching post? If so, these could be the first things that people see when they attend the open inspection. The problem, in this case, is two-fold.

Firstly, if they don’t know you have pets and see this damage, they will probably keep a keen eye out for further damage and issues with the house. Secondly, prospective buyers want a home where issues are fixed and not hidden from view.

As such, any pet-related or other damage to the home needs to be addressed before the home goes onto the market.

Is there dog-related damage in your home?

Pets and real estate

Pets are a fundamental part of life for some people, but it can affect the success of selling your home to the highest bidder. If you find yourself in a similar position, feel free to reach out to the team at Laing+Simmons for more advice and tips.

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