How To Make Your Bathroom A Haven

March 8, 2017 |
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The bathroom probably isn’t your favourite room of the house, but there’s no denying its importance.

We spend so much of our time getting ready, washing or simply relaxing in the tub, so it makes sense to have the room where all of this takes place be an interesting and inviting environment.

However, it’s only been relatively recently that bathrooms have earned the attention they deserve. To celebrate their renewed focus, we’re going to explore a few ways to make your bathroom a haven inside the home when you next renovate.

Baths are experiencing something of a resurgence.

1. Decadence

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that both male and female Aussies spend more than 40 minutes per day on personal hygiene activities. That’s a significant chunk of the day, so why not make it an enjoyable experience? Baths are experiencing something of a resurgence, and there’s no reason you can’t take your relaxation to a whole new level with a speaker system, or even a television!

In fact, if you have a tub, you’ll probably end up spending even more time in the bathroom. To that end, why not spice up the area with interesting decor, and perhaps a few candles for the ultimate in relaxation.

2. Natural materials

One of the biggest trends in bathrooms at the moment is the use of natural materials. These include everything from marble to cork and provide a feeling of organic cosiness that you just don’t get with synthetics.

InteriorZine recommends “a combination of modern and organic, to create a dynamic atmosphere that evokes a clean and stylish sensation.” A classic example of this is clay, which has always been associated with water but has fallen out of favour in many modern home designs. Reclaim this vintage look for a bathroom that will make potential home buyers go crazy when they walk through your property.

Natural materials are making a big comeback in bathrooms.

3. Consider the lighting

A final point that is well worth considering is how you light your bathroom. The typical stark white light in many homes simply isn’t that attractive, especially if you’re stumbling in for a glass of water in the middle of the night!

Instead, make sure your bathroom has a dimmer, which will allow you to run the gamut from dim, relaxing soaks in the bath, right through to the brightness you’ll need when shaving. It’s always great to get as much natural light in there too, using windows and mirrors to brighten the whole room.

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