First Impressions – Creating Perfect Street Appeal

August 26, 2016 |
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What is the first thing you see when you arrive at a property? Is it the Mercedes-Benz parked outside, the cute dog next door or even the accessibility back to the highway?

While all these are elements that we think about, the most obvious is the street appeal of the property on sale or up for rent. From the moment we see it, we form an impression or feeling that can influence our thoughts on the rest of the property – regardless of how good it looks inside.

In fact, according to an April survey from Finder, buyers could drop their offers by as much as 25 per cent if the property has poor street appeal. The same survey found that an untidy garden would completely put off 32 per cent of buyers. So, this presents an interesting question – how can you ensure your street appeal attracts as many potential buyers as possible?

1) A clean front door

The front door is the gateway from outside to inside, and often a reflection of how much time and effort someone has put into looking after a property.

Street appeal is key when selling a house.

Take this scenario for example. You are on the hunt for a property and arrive at a pleasant-looking home in the suburbs. As you exit the car and begin to walk towards the front door, you notice the front door is dirty – mud, dirt, dust and peeling paint. Before you even touch the door knob, do you have a positive or negative impression of the property?

The answer is simple and highlights the importance of giving your front door some TLC before placing the property on the market. First impressions exist, and are very powerful in the world of real estate!

2) Clear the entrance pathway

Front gardens are great selling points, essentially providing an extra space for prospective buyers. However, as we all know, they can become dumping grounds for all sorts of household items, including sporting equipment, toys, old car parts and really anything that doesn’t fit in the house or garage.

How welcoming is your front walkway?

During an open home, the last thing that you want is people having trouble reaching the front door or imagining the potential for the front garden. Of course, this means a good old-fashioned clean-up might be in order, enabling easy access to the property and removing anything that can take away from the aesthetic.

If you have a stone or paved pathway, it might be beneficial to give them a good professional clean to make them shine for potential buyers.

3) Hire the professionals

There is certainly a lot to do to ensure your home is ready for open inspection – both inside and out. To ensure that you have all the boxes ticked, consider the advantages of professional gardeners, painters or maintenance people.

Whether you have an overgrown front garden that needs some love, the picket fence requires a new lick of paint or you have 1,001 odd jobs on your do-list list, take the stress out of the entire process with some help. You could even get a professional window cleaner in to make sure the windows are allowing in lots of natural light and are as clear as possible.

The Laing+Simmons way

At Laing+Simmons, we want your property to stand out against the competition – from the first time that buyers see the home. As such, our helpful real estate team will be able to discuss what needs to be done and how the home can look its best.

If you would like more information about selling your house, get in contact with our team today.

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