The Pros And Cons Of A Pool

October 1, 2020 |
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We’re finally making our way into the year’s warmer months, and that means the sun will be out and the temperature rising.

Both Spring and Summer are notoriously gorgeous in Australia – particularly on the east coast – and the seasons present countless opportunities for barbecues, trips to the beach and fun activities outside. Of course, there’s no reason that taking advantage of the weather has to be limited to the seaside, and swimming pools are a great way to chill out and enjoy some free time over the Christmas and New Year break.

If you don’t already have a pool, you’ve got two basic options: You can either renovate or look to buy a property that already has one. Either way, there are a few important pros and cons to keep in mind, and in this article, those are exactly what we’ll take a look at.

A swimming pool is the perfect way to enjoy all the pleasures of the beach without having to leave your house.

The pros of a pool

The first, most obvious and perhaps most important benefit of having a pool at home is that its great fun! Whether you want to cool off after a long day or swim a few laps before breakfast, a swimming pool is the perfect way to enjoy all the pleasures of the beach without having to leave your house. It’s also great for social gatherings, especially around Christmas when you may have friends and family (along with their kids) over for barbecues and a few refreshing drinks.

Additionally, the summer heat can get a bit intense Down Under, which in turn can make getting to the gym or going for a run somewhat uncomfortable. You’ll still want to keep up your exercise regime though, and putting in a few laps every day can have great benefits to health and fitness.

With all of these different bonuses, it’s easy to see why many Australians are enticed by the idea of owning a home with a pool. Whether you’re looking to eventually sell your property or even rent it out, this might mean you’ll be able to get a bit of extra money by creating a point of difference from other real estates on the market.

The cons of a pool

The biggest downside to having a pool is undoubtedly cost, and this applies to both building one and subsequently maintaining it. While having a pool will certainly add value, the construction itself can be quite expensive and you may not see an increase that completely covers that. Accordingly, the investment is definitely something to consider for its benefits to your lifestyle, rather than an investment that will generate a significant return.

In terms of maintenance, there’s the cost of water to keep in mind, which can pile up in the dryer months. In addition, you’ll need a cleaning or filtration system, and usually regular checks from an expert to make sure the system is working properly. A final cost to consider is safety, with pools representing a hazard, especially to small children. You’ll have to make sure the pool is securely fenced off, and if you’re building from scratch that’s something to think about when weighing up the expenses.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not you want to invest in a swimming pool is completely up to you. The best option may be to keep an eye out for properties that already have one, which will give you all of the benefits, but without having to fork over a significant sum of money for construction.

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