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September 30, 2020 |
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There have been over 200 new and modified DA’s lodged and in council over the last fortnight. Volumes have been low, however clearance rates have been on the rise and at more than 65 per cent.

Despite being the school holidays, the projects space is being kept busy. We are seeing people wanting to sell, whom we want to put in touch with those who want to buy. We can help connect those dots.

If you would like to know more, stay up to date at or contact Jason Salter on 0418 846 637.


Hi, Jason Salter here from Laing+Simmons Projects, a place that you can buy a DA-approved, how about a raw site? What are you planning to do in 2021? Hit us up on the website: for all things property

This week, it’s kids’ school holidays. So everyone’s all over the place, right? Well, no. Not really. We’ve never been busier.

We’ve got a lot of projects on the go at the moment. We’ve got projects that we’re selling off-plan, we’re selling DA-approved sites. Our practice is busy.

And it’s busy across the whole of New South Wales. There’ve been more than 200 new and modified DA’s lodged and in council in the last fortnight.

And clearance rates continue to rise. Volumes have been low and we’ve expected to see volumes increase over Spring. There has been a slight uptick, but clearance rates are still more than 65 per cent.

And official interest rates…well, they’re almost zero, and they’re talking about lowering them in the months ahead. So what a fantastic opportunity to take advantage, particularly of our buyer advocacy service.

You know, we constantly look and see guys that are getting DA approvals who just simply want to sell, and we’ve got plenty of people who just want to buy, and we’re happy to connect those dots.

That’s all for this week. I hope you have a great week, and remember, if it’s property-related and projects, give us a call. Bye for now.

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