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July 29, 2020 |
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This week, we had 334 new and modified DA’s, which is an incredible result (and a number fans of the Don are familiar with). Auction clearance rates have been resilient, as has the real estate market in general.

Now is an ideal time to reach out to us if you have a DA-approved site, you plan to put a site together or you have an upcoming project…because we have the buyers for you.

If you would like to know more, stay up to date at or contact Jason Salter on 0418 846 637.


Hi, Jason Salter here, Laing+Simmons Projects, a place that you can find all manner of things, particularly real estate. Hit us up on the website:

A couple of quick ones this week. 334. Yes, what a great number. Don Bradman’s highest score. Not with us anymore, but a number that a lot of Aussies know, particularly cricket lovers. But the number of new and modified DA’s this week…amazing!

New South Wales is undergoing a transformation right now. Those guys who have had DA’s in the council are modifying and then resubmitting, we’re getting a bunch of approvals coming through, there’s sites for sale, raw, pre-DA, DA-approved, some with CC’s.

It’s incredible. It’s as busy as it’s been for a number of years and there’s fantastic opportunity out there to secure a site, get long insights right now while interest rates are almost zero.

And remember, if you’ve got a site in an area and the stock can match the buyer inquiry, whether it be an investment, owner-occupier, doesn’t matter. It’ll sell. The stock will sell, the project will be successful.

A couple of other quick ones. We’ve talked about the almost zero interest rates, but what about this? The resilience of the auction clearance rate still keeps going and going and going, and has done so for months.

We had lower volumes in the middle of New South Wales’ COVID uptick. We’ve had a COVID downtick now. Who knows what the future will bring? But it’s remained in that 60-70 per cent bracket which is really solid, sometimes it’s crept higher.

So we’ve got a very resilient market, we’ve got sites for sale, we’ve got virtually zero interest rates and we’ve got really a strong recovery groundswell in our development market, and a lot of guys out there wanting to do stuff.

So an ideal time. If you’ve got a DA-approved site, we’ve got buyers. If you’ve got a site that you want to put together, we would encourage it. And if you’ve got something which is coming up for project, be it land, industrial, commercial, retail, residential, doesn’t matter. We’ve got buyers.

That’s all for this week. I hope you have an outstanding week. I will! And I look forward to hearing from you soon. Bye for now.

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