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This week, there were around 30 new or modified DA’s throughout New South Wales. We are receiving many enquiries from developers asking about new site opportunities. We’re currently looking for sites in these priority areas: East Sydney, St George, Northern Beaches, Lower North Shore, and in the Health and Education Precinct around Kingswood.

If you are fit one of these priority areas or simply want to know more, stay up to date at or contact Jason Salter on 0418 846 637.


Hi, Jason Salter again from Laing+Simmons Projects. A place that you can find a DA-approved, a raw site, or an apartment off-the-plan.

Hit us up on the website for that.

This week, a couple of really important bits of data. About 30 new or modified DA’s throughout New South Wales. Over represented up in Newcastle, but we’ve been expecting that. It’s been fairly quiet for the last month or two. And the majority of the balance around the greater Sydney and Sydney metropolitan area. That’s an important statistic because it shows that things are still moving.

But more impressive is the amount of new enquiry we’re getting from developers saying, “Jason, can you find me a site?” So we’re actively looking at the moment in East Sydney, St George, Northern Beaches, North Shore (preferably Lower North Shore), and in the Health and Education Precinct around Kingswood. Those are priority precincts for us, and because we’ve got developer clients that are looking in those areas and said, “Jason, can you help us out and find us a site?” And buyer advocacy is a very important part.

The other thing, and I mention this quite a bit, is congratulations on the construction industry for continuing to thrive. If you know how important the construction industry is, you’ll understand. It is such a vital link in the economy of Sydney and of New South Wales. So well done! Cranes in the sky, there’s a lot happening.

Off-the-plan sales are slow, but in particular areas, still doing well. Remember, if the stock fits a particular market, it’ll always sell. Doesn’t matter if it’s expensive, inexpensive, investment or owner-occupier. If you’re smart about where you buy, and you’re able to get the right DA, you’ll have no trouble selling the stock.

That’s all for this week. I hope you have a good one. I’ll speak to you soon.

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