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August 5, 2020 |
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This week, we had 101 new and modified DA’s throughout NSW. They were evenly spread across the greater Sydney area and Sydney itself.

Despite the pandemic, confidence is still out there in NSW, and a willingness for the market to express itself. Our recent sales and the offers on the table for sites are also indicative of this.

If you would like to know more, stay up to date at or contact Jason Salter on 0418 846 637.


Hi, Jason Salter here from Laing+Simmons Projects.

You’ll find all of our details there. Email address, phone, Zoom address. But also a list of all the properties that we’ve got for sale and some commentary as well.

It’s really important to understand that when you’re dealing with an agent, you’re dealing with someone who understands all the processes, all of the fundamentals, the entire life cycle of when a project site is sold, right the way through to when the project completes. And that’s us!

This week, a couple of quick ones. They’re always quick because I know that time is money and everyone is time-poor normally to watch these videos.

73% clearance rate, that was REA data, Monday-reported from Saturday’s auctions, or the weekend’s auctions and again, an outstanding result.

When you think about it, if we’ve got 70 odd per cent clearance rate, that is almost boom market but it shows there is a huge confidence in the purchaser’s ability to buy. Anyone who is trucking along at the moment is in a position to be able to borrow money or buying. And they’re normally buying established property but we are noticing that there is an increase in the number of properties that are being bought off-the-plan as well.

The other amazing statistic is again keeps trucking 101 new and modified DA’s throughout NSW and very evenly spread across regional, greater Sydney and Sydney. So we are experiencing a steady flow of business through the marketplace. Infrastructure projects are helping at NSW and Commonwealth Government levels.

But generally speaking, confidence is still with us in NSW and, no matter how bad it’s got in the past COVID-wise, we’ve noticed that there has been this willingness for the market to express itself and certainly with the sales that we’ve made recently and the offers that we’ve got on the table for the sites that we’ve got especially, that would indicate that.

So thank you very much for listening and watching. I look forward to catching up with you soon and have a great week. See you later.

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