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Project Marketing Delivery Model: Phase 1 -Acquisition & Planning

Whether a development opportunity has been identified and feasibility studies have been undertaken, or whether the development opportunity is still in the inception stages, we are able to assist in either scenario. Once the planning outcomes are identified and completed, the design and planning stage begins. We are able to provide insights into the best unit type mix to meet market demand, gross revenues and council requirements.​

Phase 2: Pre-Market Release

Once the DA has been approved, the project team is established. This is made up of key people who will ensure that all contingencies are covered in delivering the project to the market. A full project brief plus a sales and marketing plan / budget will be presented for approval by the client.

Phase 3: Market Release

Market Release requires focus and dedication to ongoing lead management from the campaign. Key insights into advertising and marketing strategies become apparent and it is critical to monitor and analyse results.

Phase 4: Construction

During the construction phase it is important to continue the buyer communication process on key milestones reached during the construction phase.

Phase 5: Delivery & Review

Our role doesn’t end with the selling of each apartment, we help arrange final inspections, ensure the timely processing of settlements and deposits, with coordination of payments to each developer, maintain relationships with each buyer to ensure they take possession on their new property with confidence