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February 3, 2020 |
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DA Approved Sites

There’s increased activity in the number of DAs lodged since last week from a 4 lot sub-division in Canterbury to 150 apartments in Newcastle. We also have a DA approved site in Miranda that’s ready to go – we’ll have more news about that soon. We have stock for developers that are looking to develop in 2020-20201. If you’re looking for a development site, get in touch with us. Learn more here


Hi Jason Salter from Laing+Simmons Projects, I hope you’re having a great week.  This week our number of DAs lodged in council and pre DA meetings throughout New South Wales has increased from a very low 13 up to 18 so we’ve got a little bit of improvement, a little bit more activity around the market place at the moment and those development applications and pre DA meetings range from a four lot subdivision in Canterbury right the way through to 150 apartments and a pre examination up in Newcastle. So we are noticing that there is increased activity and we’re also seeing with the amount of enquiry that we’re getting on the web through our various portals of the sites that we have for sale. Very exciting that we’ve got a full DA approved site that we are putting on the market down in Miranda which is ready to go and more details will come to light in the coming week. So we’re very proud of the submissions that we currently have in the market, we’ve got properties that are on the market for sale through auction, through EOI and also quietly listed via databasing so I would encourage you if you’re looking for something to develop in 2020-2021 that we do have a quite a good inventory of stock that you can choose from and with the increased activity, there are a number of developers in New South Wales that are starting to look to the future and we’d encourage you to do the same. Have a great week.

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