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3 features of a great suburb

Mon November 07, 2016


Sydney is an amazing city, with an absolutely enormous range of different things to do, see and enjoy. A big part of that comes down to diversity between the suburbs, and in fact each distinct area of the city has its own character and personality. This is great for those looking to buy property in Sydney, as it means they can find a region that perfectly suits their temperament and style.

Even in all of these great areas though, there are a few that stand out as truly vibrant and appealing. Part of this can be put down to a wide range of amenities, which improves quality of life, adds value to properties and helps to foster that all-important sense of community. In this article, we'll take a closer look at three of these amenities.

1. Great local schools

Now, not everybody has children, but that certainly doesn't take away from the value that a great school can bring to an area. For parents, it provides security and peace of mind that their kids will be given a high quality education, but the benefits can also be felt by other residents. The obvious benefit is an increase in value, with proximity to a good school having a significant impact on the price that a home might reach when compared to similar properties in other areas. 

Schools can give suburbs a happy, youthful vibe. Schools can give suburbs a happy, youthful vibe.

2. Easy public transport access

One of the main concerns that buyers have when looking at property is how they will get to work. Driving is of course an option, but public transport is cheaper, quicker and better for the environment. Accordingly, any suburb with a wealth of bus and train services will understandably attract more potential residents, creating a bustling atmosphere where there's always something interesting going on. 

One of the main concerns that buyers have when looking at property is how they will get to work.

3. Open, green spaces

In days gone by, the importance of parks and other open areas was often overlooked in favour of building more and bigger properties. There's been a shift in that thinking though, with several studies revealing the many and varied benefits of open spaces to a suburb. One of these, published by the Universite du Luxembourg, showed that parks can do everything from encouraging people to walk through to reducing loneliness. All of these benefits can have a profound impact on the value of a suburb, and the quality of life experienced by those who live there. 

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