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Creating storage where there is none
How important is storage to home buyers? Pretty important, we'd say!A report released by the National Association of Home Builders found that 92 per cent of buyers were looking for a laundry room while another 81 per cent were after garage space. Decoded, these two...
Thu June 22, 2017
The best colours to use in a child's room
How do you decide what paint to use in your home? Perhaps you're after a palette of your favourite colours, or maybe you refresh as the new Pantone colours come out. Taste and preferences aside, have you ever considered picking your paint based on the way it makes...
Wed June 21, 2017
How to sell your home during the Australian winter
It's that time of year - the dreary, cold months that are Australia's winter. Have you ever been told that you should stick to selling your home in the spring or summer because it will sell faster? While sales numbers might be a bit better when the sun is...
Tue June 06, 2017
How can technology change the way we view houses?
Have you ever tried out a pair of virtual reality (VR) goggles before? They can be pretty crazy - some of the environments really do feel lifelike!VR, however, isn't just for fun and games. It is working its way into tonnes of different industries as well. Surgeons...
Sun June 04, 2017
Market News
Where can you improve energy efficiency at home?
When was the last time you thought about the condition of your home appliances and electronics? More importantly, when was the last time you sat down and had a think about the costs of running your home? For most of us, the answer is quite a while ago.Although it's easy...
Wed May 24, 2017
Buying | Lifestyle
Tips every first time renter needs to know
Renting for the first time is just as daunting as buying. You're moving out of home, competing with dozens of people in the same situation as you, and trying to find a place that suits. Just because you won't be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, doesn't...
Mon May 15, 2017
3 ways to make a small kitchen work for you
Want to be Gordon Ramsay without a Masterchef-sized kitchen? Not everybody is blessed with great cooking skills, but there's still no excuse for letting every meal be hampered by a lack of space or equipment.It's easy to think of small kitchen spaces as less...
Wed May 10, 2017
Introducing Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro project
Despite all of the different developments and construction projects underway in Sydney, there's undoubtedly one that has dominated discussion for the last few years. The Sydney Metro is Australia's biggest ever public transport project, and when completed, it will...
Sat May 06, 2017
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Top tips when decorating your first home
You've done it! After months and in fact probably years of saving, you've finally got enough money saved up to pay for the deposit on your first home, the keys are in your hand, and it's time to move in. There's just one problem - you don't really have...
Fri May 05, 2017
Buying | Lifestyle
Common construction mistakes to avoid when building or renovating
In a recent article, we talked about a few of the pros and cons of building a property instead of buying an existing home. Some of the biggest benefits include exemptions from stamp duty and the ability to customise design, layout and decor to your exact specifications...
Sat April 29, 2017
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