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How to avoid over or under staging your open home
For anybody looking to sell a property, open homes are an opportunity to entice buyers, and make them fall in love with the idea of living in your house. It's therefore becoming more and more fashionable to 'stage' a home before inviting the public through...
Sat April 08, 2017
How the NSW government could drive home affordability reform
The Victorian government has recently announced a sweeping slate of property reforms, all designed to combat the growing issue of housing affordability. Many of these schemes are directed towards first home buyers, who are arguably the most affected by rising prices and a...
Thu March 30, 2017
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How to prepare your home for winter energy bills
All good things must come to an end, and the Australian summer is one of them. As the days begin to shorten and temperatures creep downwards, many of us find our power bills tend to creep upwards in a similar fashion.Whether you're a renter or a home owner in Sydney...
Thu March 30, 2017
3 of the biggest mistakes that tenants can make
In a recent article, we examined a few of the most common mistakes that landlords make. Common problems such as setting unrealistic rent expectations or being too hands-on can have a significant impact on the success of a landlord-tenant relationship, but there's another...
Tue March 21, 2017
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Are rentvestors the future of Sydney's property market?
There's no denying the fact that housing affordability is a major issue in Sydney. The market's rapid growth over the last few years has meant price increases across the board, making it harder than ever for new buyers to take their first steps onto the property...
Thu March 16, 2017
Buying | Investors
3 of the biggest mistakes that new landlords make
There are countless ways that keen investors can get into the Sydney property market. Options include everything from the booming apartment developments to less expensive 'rentvesting' opportunities further from the city centre. Regardless of the type of property...
Thu March 16, 2017
Investors | Developers
How to make your bathroom a haven
The bathroom probably isn't your favourite room of the house, but there's no denying its importance. We spend so much of our time getting ready, washing ourselves or simply relaxing in the tub, so it makes sense to have the room where all of this takes place be an...
Wed March 08, 2017
Selling | Lifestyle
How to get the most out of an open home
So, you've been saving for a house deposit for the last few years, and you're finally ready to take the plunge and start looking seriously at properties. It's an exciting time, but it can also be a little bit overwhelming. There's so much to take in, and so...
Tue February 28, 2017
How to make the most of Sydney's school zones when buying property
There is a plethora of different facets to consider when buying a house, and many of these have nothing to do with the physical structure. Shrewd buyers - whether they're looking for a home to live in or a long-term investment - will consider the surrounding...
Sat February 25, 2017
Buying | Market News
Top tips for buying a first home in 2017
One of the biggest goals that many Australians set themselves at the start of a new year is to make their first steps onto the property ladder, with a first home purchase perhaps the biggest leap. It's often a daunting decision, but one that can pay huge dividends...
Fri February 10, 2017
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