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Are consumers counting the cost of Brexit?
Brexit may literally have happened thousands of miles away, but it's effects are still being felt across the globe. Think of it as being a bit like an economic earthquake, which has its epicentre firmly in the UK, but with shockwaves being felt across everywhere else.The...
Tue July 05, 2016
Market News
What do I need to know about negative gearing?
If you've been keeping your ear to the ground lately, there's a fairly strong chance you will have heard of the term negative gearing. Although it's certainly not a new concept, it's one that's caused divisions across the real estate sector and other...
Thu June 30, 2016
Make your move as stress-free as possible
We all know moving can be stressful, however, like it or not we're a nation of movers and there's a strong chance you'll find yourself relocating at some point or another. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show we move approximately four times in our...
Wed June 29, 2016
Property prices fall for first time since 2012
Declining property prices might have once been a pipedream for those buying residential property in capital cities, but the latest figures show it's finally become a reality. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed that during the three months leading up to...
Mon June 27, 2016
3 signs that property is becoming more affordable
Moving out of a rented apartment into a place of your own may seem like a major financial commitment, but the fact is that it could be more affordable than you think. There are plenty of indications that the market is starting to work in buyers' favour, giving just the...
Thu June 23, 2016
How risk-averse are you when investing in property?
Risk and return are two financial terms you'll need to get to grips with if you're thinking of expanding your investment property portfolio. Investing in real estate isn't something you should take lightly, especially when there are large amounts of money at...
Wed June 22, 2016
What's the difference between property appraisals and valuations?
Buying and selling real estate involves getting used to a whole host of terminology, and two terms you're likely to come across are the terms 'valuation' and 'property appraisal'. What many people wrongly believe is that a property appraisal is the same...
Mon June 20, 2016
Tell-tale signs that it's time to downsize
Downsizing is hardly a new phenomenon, but it's one that's had its fair share of headlines over the past few months. Experts have been debating whether older people should be given a helping hand via tax incentives and the likes, to aid them in making the move to...
Thu June 16, 2016
Let's talk about tax
The thought of discussing tax doesn't fill most people with a lot of joy, but unfortunately it's an issue you'll have to deal with whenever you buy or sell property. Without having a vague clue about what's going on, you could find yourself paying out more...
Wed June 15, 2016
How to prepare yourself for property auctions
So you've decided to try your luck at buying real estate through a property auction? This method of buying and selling has become increasingly popular over recent years, so you're in good company if you choose to hit the sales room.However, it's all too easy to...
Tue May 31, 2016
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