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Apartment vs house: Which is best for you?
In our recent article titled 'What does Sydney's apartment boom mean for the city?' here on the Laing+Simmons blog, we looked at the apartment boom that's been taking Sydney by storm. With record numbers seeing the number of apartments increase to one for...
Tue October 31, 2017
What does Sydney's apartment boom mean for the city?
Can you imagine a Sydney with equal numbers of apartments and houses? It might seem farfetched at the moment, but there's a definite trend suggesting the number of Sydneysiders living in apartments will continue to grow over the next few decades. This information comes...
Mon October 30, 2017
Market News
3 top tips to make your kitchen a dream to cook in
Can you honestly say that you love cooking at home? If the answer is anything other than a resounding yes, it could be time for a new approach. A few simple changes to your kitchen's layout, appliances or aesthetic can completely revolutionise the cooking experience...
Thu October 19, 2017
Selling | Lifestyle
Make the most of your investment property with the perfect tenant
More and more Australians have been investing in property over the last few years, and it's a smart move that can pay big dividends. However, whether you're a seasoned landlord or are new to the game, nothing can ruin the experience faster than having difficulties...
Thu October 12, 2017
Renting | Landlords
Picking the right tradie for your home renovation
There's something magical about embarking on the home renovation process. Even changes as small as a fresh coat of paint or some new fittings can completely revolutionise the way that a property feels. This is true regardless of whether you're looking to freshen...
Wed October 11, 2017
Laing+Simmons and Dexar partnership going from strength to strength
It's the late 1990s and a real estate conference is being held in Queensland. Stan Platis enters the conference room and takes a seat next to a woman. As he does, she turns to him, asking who the next speaker is going to be. "Some bloke from Canberra", he...
Wed September 27, 2017
Market News
Where is the NSW property market headed?
NSW's property market is undergoing some significant changes at the moment. While the media would have you think it's all for the worse, there's plenty of cause for optimism. Regional markets are performing well, Sydney is set to stabilise and declines in investor...
Wed September 27, 2017
Buying | Selling | Renting | Market News
What makes a good property investment strategy?
Keen to dip your feet into property investment? It can seem daunting, but it's a great way to build wealth if you have the right strategy in place.We've put together some pointers for those thinking of getting started. Here is what makes a good property...
Tue September 26, 2017
Sydney market update with Leanne Pilkington: September 2017
It's time for another Laing+Simmons market update, where we chat to Managing Director Leanne Pilkington about what's been happening in Sydney's property market.We're now well and truly into spring, and we've had time for some of the 2017-2018 Budget...
Tue September 26, 2017
Market News
The dos and don'ts of spring 2017 interior design trends
Spring has officially sprung! Winter has come and gone and though we haven't quite hit the sweltering summer months yet, change is certainly in the air. There's no better time to start planning your spring cleaning than right now. We don't know...
Tue September 12, 2017
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