Have You Thought About A Career In Real Estate?

July 25, 2016 |
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There is no doubt that real estate in Sydney, indeed across all of Australia, is moving through a strong period of growth. Simply watch the news during the evening or read the newspaper and you’ll see headline after headline about house and rental prices reaching record levels, amongst other positive real estate developments.

For the everyday person, these statistics make for interesting viewing, but have you imagined what it would be like on the front line? We are not just talking about buying, selling or renting a property, but being the professional behind the deal – ensuring that regular Australians get bang for their buck and enjoy their entire real estate experience.

Real estate might appear to be about extravagant monetary values, but put simply, the industry is about connecting people with property and making sure that buyers, sellers and renters alike receive the best outcomes. Of course, with the industry advancing, new talent is always welcome in the real estate sector – so why not get your career ball rolling by attending the 2016 Laing+Simmons Careers Night?

Real estate is about outcomes, not profits.

Career Night 2016 – the key details

Set to be held on Thursday August 4 at Novotel Sydney Parramatta, the 90 minute event is planned to be a great night of industry leadership, information and guest speakers including REA’s Lee Woodward and our own Managing Director, Leanne Pilkington.

It’s important to remember that the real estate career path is quite wide as there are plenty more options than simply being an agent. Whether you are interested in property management, marketing, administration or sales, we will have insight to get your career off to the right start.

Lee Woodward

We are also excited to hear from Lee Woodward from Real Estate Academy (REA) – our special guest speaker on the night. For close to 25 years, Woodward has been at the cornerstone of the real estate industry with over a decade of experience at REA.

Essentially, REA is a training and system development organisation used as a tool by many professionals in the industry. If individuals want to succeed in the busy world of real estate, many consider the services of REA.

Woodward is credited with being a driving force behind many of the positive changes in the real estate industry and being a passionate member of the sector, we can think of nobody better to inspire the next generation of professionals. He continues to be a leader for countless businesses and individuals across Australia and New Zealand and we hope that his thoughts at Novotel Sydney Parramatta strike a chord with attendees.

Panel discussion

The night is about helping people climb onto the real estate ladder, and naturally there will be some questions. To ensure every query is covered, we’ve employed a panel of industry professionals from across the sales, property management, administration and commercial sectors.

Regardless of your question, you can gain insight from those who are living and breathing real estate – helping paint a picture of what life could be like in the future.


As established members of the NSW real estate community, our team is always on the lookout for new talent. There is certainly room for fresh ideas and directions which is why we put so much emphasis on good recruitment.

We’re really just one big extended family. We’re down to earth.”

While working in real estate can be stressful and challenging at times, the career progression and rewards are well worth the effort. Take the smile from a family who have found their dream home; this is a reaction that is priceless and highlights our role in society. Of course, the team at Laing+Simmons rides these highs and the lows while working to ensure there is an environment for success.

“We’re really just one big extended family. We’re down to earth, we’re professional but we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and the best part is that whilst things can get a bit stressful at times, we’re always there to help each other and we certainly manage to have a lot of fun whilst we work,” Managing Director, Leanne Pilkington explains.

If you believe that real estate could be part of your future career, get in touch with our team today or register now for the Careers Night here.

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