‘We are definitely in growth mode’, says Laing+Simmons on FY20 plans

July 29, 2019 |
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This article originally appeared on Real Estate Business on 29th July, 2019.

Laing+Simmons has outlined its plans for growth this financial year, which includes targeting new markets in a bid to diversify its location and service offerings.

‘Green and growing’

This financial year, Laing+Simmons is turning its eye to regional areas to fuel its growth agenda. Traditionally, it has been focused on metropolitan areas on the east coast of Australia.

The network is looking to open offices in NSW’s Hunter region, and is open to opportunities as far south as Canberra, according to network growth manager Travis Wentriro.

Laing+Simmons will also be focusing on improving services to its current network to facilitate growth and scale at a low cost. Technology investment is at the heart of its plans in this respect, Mr Wentriro told REB.

For example, automation-based technologies are time and cost-saving for property management processes, while data analysis tools to serve advertisements and marketing are imperative to target and access new clients.

In addition, technology for fielding and property addressing new enquiries, especially for larger-scale projects, is a growing necessity.

“It’s a pack, it’s a race. The majority of people are running the same race, so you need to work very hard to stay ahead of that pack,” Mr Wentriro said.

“You’ve got to accept that business is getting harder and more competitive. There are very smart people with big pockets who are trying to disrupt the industry as we know it.”

Focus on wellness

Laing+Simmons will also be upping its investment in the “well-being of people” in its communities and network, according to Mr Wentriro.

For example, at a community level, it has run a Real Heroes program, designed to recognise and fund Australians who are creating social change in their locale.

Off the back of that, the network is looking to start a foundation and is currently in the planning stages of deciding how that would work.

For staff and offices in its network, Laing+Simmons also has a decided focus on mental health, and, for example, provides a free and anonymous counselling service for its employees to access. The network will continue to invest in initiatives like this, and similar, according to Mr Wentriro.

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