Celebrating the growth of our people: David Robinson

October 14, 2020 |
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The Laing+Simmons growth program has delivered numerous new offices in recent times, but it’s about more than just a larger network. The growth of people is equally important, says Managing Director Leanne Pilkington, as one valued employee this month celebrates a transformative five years with the business.

Former Network Performance Coach, David Robinson, joined Laing+Simmons in 2015 as Head of Growth. But his LinkedIn profile currently shows his role as Director, Robinson Consulting Group.

It’s not a typo. Mr Robinson’s development of a separate real estate coaching business, which has a non-exclusive relationship with Laing+Simmons where no conflicts of interest exist, is an example of the unique Laing+Simmons approach to professional development and the growth of its people.

Ms Pilkington explains:

“If you value your people, you need to work with them to ensure their career always remains a fulfilling prospect. It’s a person-centred approach that can be more time intensive, as it recognises everyone’s needs and desires are unique. But to nurture an engaged team over the long term, an individual approach is necessary,” she says.

“One-on-one, our leadership approach at Laing+Simmons is about creating a cohesive environment in which every team member is engaged, challenged and rewarded by their role.

“In David’s case, this meant understanding his desire to upskill as a business coach, investing in his professional development, accommodating his needs through the education process, and resourcing left over tasks with talented new people.

“The pay-off is tangible. David remains a long-term valued and value-adding member of the corporate team and his unique expertise is something our entire network can tap into as a competitive advantage.

“We congratulate David on his five-year milestone,” Ms Pilkington says.

When it comes to people, the Laing+Simmons growth program is characterised by frank self-assessment. In the event someone from the family company moves on, it’s not just a matter of a job to be filled.

“Whenever a team member makes a decision to move on from Laing+Simmons, we re-assess not only the vacant role, but all roles. We challenge our people to assess their own role and take on new challenges,” Ms Pilkington says.

“We take the time to understand what else they feel they could succeed at, or improve on. We ask about the tasks that no longer excite them.

“In a sense, we work with our people to re-write their position description together. It’s about aligning people with roles that excite and engage them, which also creates a positive difference in the business,” she says.

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