How To Keep Your Home’s Temperature Comfortable Without Breaking The Bank

March 5, 2018 |
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2018 has delivered some of the hottest days ever recorded in Sydney, with early January seeing near-record temperatures of just over 47 degrees in parts of the city.

The heat has left a lot of Sydney homeowners wondering how they can keep their properties cool – or warm, as we move through autumn and into winter – without having to spend a fortune on energy costs.

Luckily, there are a few ways that Sydney property owners can keep their homes at a reasonable temperature – without breaking the bank – as we continue on through 2018.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep a property cool is to prevent too much heat from getting inside in the first place.

1. Invest in shade

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep a property cool is to prevent too much heat from getting inside in the first place. Shade is the name of the game here, creating a barrier that will keep the temperature of your home down at all times of the day and for an energy cost of exactly $0. In particular, shade around areas of the property that let in a lot of heat, such as northern and western windows, will make an enormous difference.

Even better, there are all sorts of different ways to create shady outdoor areas that provide protection from the heat, ranging from large, leafy plants and trees all the way through to specially designed awnings that can be removed when winter rolls back around. For an option that provides a solution to the temperatures of every season, consider specialised shades made from a reversible, dual-purpose fabric where one side reflects heat and the other absorbs it.

An adjustable awning is one of the best ways to prevent your home from getting too hot.

2. Swap out lights and sheets

A big issue with extreme temperatures is that they can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, particularly when it comes to bedtime. One solution to this problem when it’s hot is to make sure you’ve swapped your winter sheets for lighter, more breathable alternatives such as cotton. You can also purchase special buckwheat pillows that don’t retain very much body heat, keeping your bed nice and cool for a far better sleeping experience. By the same token, when the cold weather returns, make sure to make up your bed accordingly, with thicker sheets and warm, fluffy duvets.

On the topic of small changes that can be made around the house to keep the temperature consistent, it’s also well worth checking your light bulbs to see if any of them are still incandescent. If they are, now is a great time to switch to LED bulbs, which are more energy efficient and generate far less heat. You’ll be more comfortable, and save money – it’s a win-win!

Installing or improving insulation will keep cool air inside and hot air outside

3. Revamp your insulation

A final tip that will do wonders for the temperature of your home is to check whether or not your property’s insulation is up to scratch. You might be thinking that insulation only matters in winter when you’re trying to keep heat from escaping, but in fact, it’s just as important during the warmer months. Installing or improving insulation will keep cool air inside and hot air outside, and although the price may seem like more than you’d pay to run a fan or air conditioner, over the long-term you’ll find that the savings really do add up!

When dealing with insulation, it’s best to talk to a professional builder, as they’ll be able to tell you whether your property could do with an improvement in this area. Specifically, they’ll look not just at the walls, but the floor and ceiling as well, to make sure your entire home is protected from any unwanted weather.

For more information on all things Sydney property, contact the Laing+Simmons team today.

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