Policy VS Property | The Real Estate Wrap with Leanne Pilkington

March 5, 2019 |
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Welcome to this week’s Real Estate Wrap with Leanne Pilkington. With both the NSW and Federal elections set to be closely fought, we can expect housing to once again be elevated in public discussion in coming weeks and months.

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Hi everyone, Leanne Pilkington here, coming to you live from the Qantas Club today for our Real Estate Wrap. The first week in March, believe it or not!

And we are finding that clearance rates are still holding firm this side of the new year. So that’s been interesting to see.

Although house prices did fall nationally, 0.7 per cent of a descent during February.

Though, we’ve obviously got elections coming up. New South Wales in a couple of weeks and then federally in May. So there’s lots of things at play at the moment.

But anyway, click on the link and find more about what’s going on in your market right now. Thanks.

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