Real Estate Appraisal Woollahra NSW 2025

March 21, 2018 |
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Sell My Home in Woollahra

Do you know how much your home is worth in Woollahra? We provide free property appraisals on houses, townhouses, apartments and units. We have sold multiple properties in the area. When we deliver an appraisal it is based on location to amenities, schools, shops and transport. We take into account the recent sales history as well. Our appraisers will show you how they arrive at their price.

If you decide to sell you will be presented with three options. Sell your home privately, put a fixed price on what you want or go to auction. We have performed all three types of sales in the past. We have a network of buyers and investors that are keen to purchase property in Woollahra. We also advertise the sale of the home via real estate portals, social media, print media and our own websites. Our office is part of the Laing + Simmons group of 44 outlets.

How Much is my Home Worth in Woollahra?

Current real estate figures put the median price of a house in Woollahra at $3,125,000. If you own a unit the median price is at $1,100,500. These values are given as of May 1, 2017. The 12 month capital growth is 16.65% for houses and 3.37% for units. The average annual capital growth is 7.26% for houses and 7.16% for units. The Demand to Supply Ratio ranks units as above average and houses as good. This translates to more buyers than sellers. Vendors are getting the price they want and capital growth is ahead of the national average.

House prices and rent returns per week in Woollahra.

  • 2 bedroom house $2,000,030 Rent per week $900
  • 3 bedroom house $2,775,000 Rent per week $1300
  • 4 bedroom house $4,150,000 Rent per week $2150

Unit prices and rent returns per week in Woollahra.

  • 1 bedroom unit $857,000 Rent per week $500
  • 2 bedroom unit $1,075,000 Rent per week $690
  • 3 bedroom unit $1,925,000 Rent per week $1000

Rental Appraisal Woollahra NSW 2025

Do you have an investment property or your current home you want an appraisal for? Our appraisers give free rental appraisals on houses, townhouses, apartments and units. Contact our property management team to arrange a place and time that suits you. All rental appraisals are different. The owner may want to rent out the home on a long term or short term basis. We have a database of security screened potential tenants interested in renting in Woollahra. Our list also includes corporations looking to place their executive staff in high end homes. Once our appraisal is complete and you decide to rent your home we will provide a short list of tenants. We maintain constant contact with the landlord and keep them up to speed on rent collections, maintenance issues and tax accounting documents.

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