Our 3 Top Tips For Decorating Your First Home

August 5, 2020 |
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You’ve done it! After months and in fact probably years of saving, you’ve finally got enough money saved up to pay for the deposit on your first home, the keys are in your hand, and it’s time to move in.

There’s just one problem – you don’t really have anything to ‘move in’ with! No furniture, no TV – maybe not even a spice rack.

For many first home buyers, this is a common hurdle, one that’s compounded by the fact that your savings account will be looking a bit barren for the next little while. However, there’s no reason that a lean budget has to compromise the style of your new property. With the right purchases and a few top tips, you can still achieve an interior design that makes your home a paradise.

It can take a long time to come to grips with the style that best suits a particular space.

1. Buy secondhand when possible

There are a few big benefits to buying secondhand furniture, including a wide variety of different styles on offer and, of course, lower prices. But there’s also a more practical reason to spend less on decorations and non-essential furniture when moving into a new home.

It can take a long time to come to grips with the style that best suits a particular space. As much as you may want to splash out on that purple velvet chaise lounge, you may realise over time that it’s not quite right for the house or the rest of your furniture, which may be coming from family, friends or your previous flats.

To add insult to injury, that expensive purple piece will decrease in value the moment you take delivery. Instead, it’s better to start with secondhand furniture wherever possible. This way, if you decide you don’t like a certain couch, table or shelf, you’ll be able to move it on for approximately the same price.

Investing in an efficient dishwasher is definitely worthwhile.

2. Buy new when necessary

While most of your furniture can be purchased pre-loved, there are a few areas of the house where it is worth splurging. Most of these serve a practical purpose – such as dishwashers or dryers – and going for a secondhand option may actually end up costing you more in the long term, once running costs are taken into account.

Similarly, there are a few big-ticket items that are worth splashing out on, with a bed being a great example. Unlike the chaise lounge, you’re guaranteed to use your bed every single day, and buying one that’s just the right size for your bedroom is an investment that you’ll be able to enjoy every night.

3. Paint is your new best friend

In terms of simple decorations that can completely change a property, nothing works quite as well as paint. A fresh lick can rejuvenate a tired kitchen, brighten up a living space or make a bathroom feel streamlined and clean. Better yet, it’s a job that can be done yourself, with minimum fuss! You can even take a modern approach and go with one of the biggest interior design trends – a feature wall. (Bonus tip…a feature wall will look great in the background of your at-home Zoom meeting!)

Sometimes called an accent wall, these featured areas of your home are a chance for you to show off a bit of individual flair without having to invest in expensive pieces of furniture.

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