Moving Day – Stress-Free Tips For Parents

September 8, 2016 |
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Once you have successfully negotiated the purchase of a house, the real excitement starts for all involved. In most cases, you’ll have a date for settlement and anticipate the day that you and your family enter a new chapter of your lives together.

Of course, it would be unwise to discount the emotions that may crop up during this time. Depending on how long you lived in the home, you may have strong memories and reminders of both good times and bad. We have to move on sometimes and for adults, we can simply store those memories and get on with packing.

For children, this isn’t so simple. If they are too young to understand the context of the move, packing up their belongings might cause them a lot of upset and distress – delaying your progress along the way. So, with this in mind, here are four tips to moving out with children.

1 – Involve them as you pack

Packing is certainly a final sign that you are leaving – boxes upon boxes of belongings, while items are deconstructed and everything on the walls is taken down. For some children, this is the scariest part of the move as what they know is simply disappearing. To ease this process, try and involve them as you pack up.

While they can’t help lift heavy objects or pack the van, they can pack up some of the non-fragile items in their room – toys, blankets and mementos. Perhaps have a special box that they can draw on or design and let them pack different items away. They can feel like they’re helping and have a little fun along the way!

Children may not understand why the move is happening.

2 – Occupy them as you move out

Moving out is a big job, something that could take at least a few hours or the entire day. If you aren’t able to have your children looked after during this time, you’ll need a way to distract and occupy them so that they don’t get in the way.

As well as having plenty of food and drinks to keep them nourished, the previous point could come back to help you. By keeping a box separate with their favourite toys and blanket, your kids can continue to feel safe and secure, despite the movement around them. Of course, when you get to your new house, all these items can help settle the emotions as they settle in and their room is not set up completely.

3 – Stick to the schedule

Stick to the same routines in a new house.

For children, moving creates all sorts of uncertainty about their environment. While you can’t do much to shield them from these changes, there are some things that can stay the same. If you are simply moving Sydney suburbs or just across town, the move can be completed the same day – allowing for bathtime and bedtime routines to remain consistent.

Even if your kids dislike the notion of routine, it makes them feel secure that you are always by their side.

4 – Introduce the environment

With a new backyard to explore and possibly a new park, embrace the location and immerse your children in these environments. In addition to distracting them from the move, this can work to alleviate some of their concerns about not knowing the area.

As soon as they are settled with their belongings, have fun – moving is about new opportunities and creating memories for years to come!

Planning a move with your family in tow? Talk to the team at Laing+Simmons about the best ways to proceed. We look forward to working with you on this new adventure.

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