What does it take to be approved for a rental property? Sam Dalby finds out with Taylor Bindslev

February 12, 2019 |
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Sam Dalby:                          Good day, guys. Sam Dalby here, talking with the lovely Taylor Bindslev. Taylor, thank you for joining me.

Taylor Bindslev:                Thank you so much for having me, Sam.

Sam Dalby:                          Now, Taylor’s an expert in all things property management. I get a question come up quite often as to what it takes to get an application approved for a rental property. So tell me, what does it take?

Taylor Bindslev:                We try to make it not a lengthy process. We try and get this done as soon as possible. Once people provide us … they fill their application forms, as long as they’ve got all their documents in order, we can get that done pretty quickly.

Sam Dalby:                          Awesome. You mentioned getting all the documents together, what documents do you actually need?

Taylor Bindslev:                We need bank statements, payslips or Centrelink statements, depending on the person’s income, photo ID. If they’ve got details from their previous agent, such as a ledger or something like that, that really helps as well.

Sam Dalby:                          Brilliant. So when you’re actually receiving all these documents, the actual application form, what are you looking for?

Taylor Bindslev:                We’re looking for affordability, mostly. As long as one third of their income can definitely be covered to the rent, that’s the main factor we look for.

Sam Dalby:                          And obviously people provide you previous references, either work, employment and past agent. Do you actually contact these people?

Taylor Bindslev:                Yes, most definitely.

Sam Dalby:                          Okay, awesome. If someone wants to have a look at one of your rental properties, where do they go to?

Taylor Bindslev:                Give us a call or they can fill out an inquiry form online. As soon as we hear from people, we’re happy to jump over in the car and show them.

Sam Dalby:                          Awesome. Taylor, thank you very much for joining me today.

Taylor Bindslev:                No worries. You’re very welcome.

Sam Dalby:                          No worries, guys. Any questions, make sure you subscribe to the link below and we’ll answer all your questions there. Thank you very much.


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