What is greenprinting? And why should you give a damn.

November 18, 2019 |
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“Greenprinting is the process of developing a conservation strategy that documents the environmental, economic and social benefits that trees, parks, working lands and other types of green space provide to communities.” 

A grand statement it is. And a worthy mission, but why?

Forming part of a larger environment and community, great architects and designers are creating space to incorporate nature and green space. And there is more than just the visual appeal at play.

A paper published on US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health website have shown that daily interactions with green space promote greater mental and physical health. This typically indicates us living longer and healthier lives!

Longer and healthier lives!

Not only do we live better in the suburbs with green space as the results of the paper suggest, we are willing and prepared to pay more to live in these areas.

Explore the Greater Australian Market. Every suburb with traditionally high sale prices has an abundance of trees along the side of the road with a large proportion of green space. Think of Ocean Street in Woollahra or Canterbury Road in Toorak.

Pay more for green area’s.

Developers are taking note of this trend with the Central Park Project in Sydney valued at $2b being covered in greenery. Creating not only a stunning visual appeal but adding value to the residents and surrounding community.

Area’s with high levels of green space also tend to be more stable with weather patterns and typically cooler. This is due to growing tree’s taking water from the soil and releasing it to the atmosphere via a process referred to as evapo-transpiration.

If you need more proof, look at the average temperature difference from the old established suburbs in Sydney’s East versus those in Sydney’s Outer West.

Why tree’s?

Researchers from the US Forest Service at UC-Davis have been able to assign monetary value to trees. Their research shows that for every $1 spent on keeping a city or urban tree alive, we get $5.82 back.

The list of benefits of trees includes:

  • Shade, which reduces the urban heat island effect
  • Mitigating air pollution
  • Retaining stormwater and reducing peak flows
  • Leave or foliage that falls from trees can create an environment for organisms in the ground that help maintain soil porosity
  • Noise from highways and other sources can be reduced with trees

Over the course of 50 years the 1992 book “Growing Greener Cities” estimated a tree’s value at $57,151.

What do I want to see?

In the grand scheme of things its simple. I want to see more green space. I want to see rain and a consistent weather pattern.

While we continue to destroy our environment around us, we are doing damage to our health both physical and mental, we are devasting natural biodiversity causing unprecedented damage.

Look at the recent events, we have some of the worst bushfires on record with 1,650,000 hectares burnt. 16,500,000,000sqm. That’s the equivalent of 47 million blocks of land in a new housing development.

We are experiencing a drought simultaneously with primary water supply for Sydney at 46.3% with 10 billion litres used in the last week alone.

Could greenprinting go to helping solve these issues, I believe yes.

What now?

To formally green print our society we need co-operation from all stakeholders, this means every person. Brothers, Sisters, Husband’s, Wives’, Parent’s and Kid’s. We are in this together. Start with something small, a single tree. And become part of the change.





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