4 Things Buyers Should Do At Open Homes

May 14, 2020 |
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With open homes returning to a sense of normality, we’re excited to welcome back our buyers to explore our properties across the network.

If you’re either attending your first open home, need tips on improving your experience or just need a refresher on what to expect, here are 4 key things to consider when attending your next open home:

1. Before stepping into the property, be aware of the rules and guidelines.

If the owner of the home requests that you take your shoes off, please do so. Come prepared by wearing easy-to-remove shoes with socks. Introduce yourself when you arrive and comply with the required sign-in policy of the open home.

Keeping in mind that COVID-19 regulations are still in place as well, please ensure you adhere to social distancing of 1.5 metres or greater, use the hand sanitiser provided on-site, do not touch surfaces, stay at home if you’re unwell and limit the number of people who come with you. Keep an eye out for the following tips and signage when visiting our open homes.

2. Make sure you go into the open with tools to help you record important details about the property.

Every home is going to be different, even if it’s within the same apartment complex or immediate area. Your smartphone is all you need to take quick photos if you need to. Have a notepad or a tablet that you can use to jot down notes quickly and on-the-go. Categorise your notes by property address, and have subcategories for each room of the home.

Things to make note of include:

  • measurements of rooms or spaces
  • comments about the ambience
  • the conditions of the walls/floors/ceilings
  • the slope of the land
  • your storage options
  • the home’s heating/cooling systems
  • gas and electricity information
  • your neighbouring properties
  • colour palettes
  • the age of appliances, the bathroom or the kitchen.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent any questions.

We’d recommend having specific questions prepared before visiting the home, and keep note of any further questions that might arise as you move through the property.Some questions you could ask include:

  • whether there have been any recent renovations or repairs
  • what the points of interest are in the local area, and what their proximity is to the home
  • what is it that the previous owner or tenant loved about the home
  • ask about the price guide for the local area; ask how much homes have sold for in the surrounding area.
  • find out how long the property has been on the market, and if any offers have been made

It doesn’t hurt to conduct your own market research before attending the open home. That way, you can cross-check your findings or clarify anything you don’t understand with the agent present.

4. Above all, be kind.

Remember that leaving a positive, lasting impression will also make you a better candidate for the home if you like it. Your agent is also there to help you in every way possible. Remember, we’re all in this together!

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