Property management is about adding value, not just in dollar terms, but also when it comes to comfort, security and quality of life for landlords and tenants.

It can be a delicate balance but it’s a balance Braydon Govan thrives on getting right. Braydon knows that maintaining the best service for landlords, ensuring their investment achieves optimum returns, means having an equal focus on the comfort of tenants too.

So he uses his approachable nature, attention to detail and problem solving nous to build and grow positive, mutually beneficial relationships with his customers, and between landlords and tenants. It’s the best way to care for properties and this, ultimately, is what people most desire when they engage a property manager.

It’s not a responsibility he takes lightly. Braydon has lived and breathed property management for the past seven years and by gaining formal qualifications in human resources and psychology, he plans on offering his broadened skill set to people in the local community for many more.

Reach Braydon on 0415 157 054 or at and find out how he can add value for you.

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